LSB consults on updating complaints handling requirements for regulators

The Legal Services Board (LSB) launches today a consultation on proposed changes to its first-tier complaints handling requirements for regulators.

Complaints made through a lawyers’ in-house complaints handling procedure are known as first-tier complaints. This is the first step consumers must take if they wish to complain about the service they have received from their lawyer.

This consultation proposes amending the existing requirements for regulators to improve the outcomes for consumers in this area.

The proposed updates are to the Legal Services Act 2007 section 112 requirements for regulators, theoutcomes that regulators need to achieve for consumers and the guidance issued to regulators on how to achieve those outcomes.

Neil Buckley, Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board said:

Improving complaints handling was one of the LSB’s three main priorities at its inception. However, evidence collected since 2010 suggests that, while the outcomes specified by the LSB in this area are still relevant and uncontentious, they have not yet been fully achieved; further action is needed.

Through this consultation, the LSB wants to understand if it can help regulators better support lawyers in meeting their regulatory duties for first-tier complaints handling to improve outcomes for consumers.

I would encourage anyone with an interest to respond to this consultation.


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