Bar Council revamps website for aspiring barristers

‘One stop shop’ for all stages of career progression

The Bar Council has revamped the careers section of its website to create a one stop shop for anyone thinking about a career at the Bar.

From explaining the work of a barrister to Mini-pupillage listings, the new Careers section of the website has been redesigned to give those seeking a Bar career a clearer understanding of what’s involved as well as opportunities for those who are seeking to progress their careers.

The move is one part of a drive by the representative body for barristers in England & Wales to help people understand more about what it takes to become a barrister. Other initiatives include the Barristers in Schools initiative, the Bar Council backed Bar Mock Trials, Bar Placement Week, the official Bar Council Pupillage Fair and Gateway, e-mentoring for students as well as the Bar Council’s tour of law fairs, to name a few. All of this is in addition to the information the Inns of Court provide on careers at the Bar.

Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of the Bar Council, said: “The path to becoming a barrister can be complicated. The Bar Council’s new careers website demystifies the process and acts as a hub for all the information a prospective barrister might need. Equally, those who have already started on the path can find help along the way, which is why we have the mini pupillage listings as well as Third Six vacancy listings on there.

“The new-look careers section of the site also includes experiences of existing barristers, videos on careers and helpful advice. It is part of a large suite of information that Bar Council has produced to help the next generation of the Bar through the process of qualifying.”

The revamped careers section of the Bar Council website can be found here


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