Bar Council response to PAC report

The Bar Council has responded to today’s report from the Public Accounts Committee, on the criminal justice system. 

Chairman of the Bar, Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC said: “Today’s parliamentary report sends an important message to Government: Our criminal justice system is not working, it is close to breaking point. As the report points out, cost savings in one part of the system often cause inefficiencies and greater expense elsewhere. We are now seeing the very real consequences of the radical 26% cut in spending on the criminal justice system since 2010-2011. Justice is a fundamental cornerstone of a functioning democracy and it should be ring fenced from such cuts. 

“We support the Government in finding efficiencies and making appropriate reforms, for example with the digitisation of courts and investment in IT, but this alone is not enough to address the challenges now faced by our system of justice. 

“Justice is a precious asset and we need to be prepared to continue to invest in it.”


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