The role of Litigation PR outside and inside the courtroom

The asymmetric approach King Pyrrhus of Epirus famously said: “If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.” He was talking in 279 BC about the large number of soldiers he had lost in the battle of Asculum, but today he could just as easily have been referring to the…Continue Reading

A forum for debate about extradition?’

On 31 July the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, handed down perhaps the most surprising judgment yet to address the issue of forum in extradition law. His decision to bar the extradition of Stuart Scott to the US[1] for offences of wire fraud garnered scant media attention, certainly when compared to his decision…Continue Reading

The dawn of cryptocurrency in divorce

  Recent reports suggest that a growing number of divorce cases in the UK involve cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, as an asset listed by separating partners. In some cases, there has been a suggestion that one partner is using cryptocurrency to hide assets from the other. In such cases, in theory, the court can order…Continue Reading

Could digital technology transform your chambers?

Digital disruption is here and it’s happening – even within the seemingly conservative and traditional judicial element of the legal profession. As with any change, it has caused some consternation but, with the right tools and forward-thinking leaders, digital transformation can be a powerful business enabler. It allows a firm to identify the changes required,…Continue Reading

Modern Setting

“We work hard, we get better, we want to help those who want to excel, we want to lead by example and we want to teach: we want to raise the Bar”.  At a time of change and challenge for the profession, these opening words from Andrew Langdon QC at the 2017 Annual Bar and…Continue Reading

Criminal justice post-Brexit: could the UK be left out in the cold?

The Government’s recently published policy paper: “Security, law enforcement and criminal justice – a future partnership paper”[1] would have been a reassuring read for most criminal justice practitioners.  Although light on technical detail it is a welcome statement of support for EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) measures which, it is stated without qualification, make…Continue Reading

Reconsidering how we talk about legal professional privilege

The Law Society announced last November its intention to intervene in Serious Fraud Office v Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (SFO v ENRC) as it seeks to protect the right of clients to communicate confidentially with their lawyers. The gradual erosion of a right Earlier in (2017) alarm bells rang throughout the legal sector at the…Continue Reading

Co-operation on security and law enforcement post-Brexit

Imagine sometime after 29 March 2019; a large bomb is set off in a French railway station, killing hundreds of people, and it turns out that the United Kingdom government had information on those planning the attack but did not pass this onto the French because certain aspects of reciprocal information sharing had not been…Continue Reading

The future of litigation analytics

The relentless march of digitisation has many consequences. While businesses across every sector and industry continue to move towards a digital future, they also have to adapt their approach to customers, services and products. They need to adjust to a real-time, information rich, online marketplace that has become the norm. The same is true in…Continue Reading

Managing Cyber-Risks

Cyber security and the risk of cyber-attacks are suddenly at the top of every business’s agenda, and particularly those of lawyers. The recent Worldwide “Petya” and “Wannacry” cyber-attacks are focussing attention on the risks of such attacks and how organisations can protect themselves. The phrase “cyber-attack” is used to cover a multitude of sins and…Continue Reading

GDPR – It is not all about IT

  By now, if you have not heard of or seen 1000 references to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), then I can only assume that you either have been hiding under a stone, or have elected to live with your head firmly inserted in sand. There is nothing to fear however. With the right…Continue Reading

Can you trust what you show in Court?

  If you present an object, an image, or a story to a courtroom, you must be able to trust that it is accurate. How then, do you trust an image – a digital photograph, a snapshot in time of an object, a person or a scene? Do you trust what the photographer says? Or…Continue Reading

The continuing global rise of litigation funding

Barely a week goes by without a major announcement from one of the big players in the world of litigation funding. This is a symptom of the industry’s rude health. However, funding isn’t just thriving in the established markets of the UK, US and Australia. This global growth can be attributed to ambitious funders seeking…Continue Reading

The future of UK Family Law post-Brexit – What happens next?

There is considerable uncertainty surrounding a number of legal issues in the UK at the moment following the country’s vote to leave the EU, with both sides of the negotiating table keeping their cards very close to their chest. Whilst the majority of people are focused on the economic aspects of the deal, one point…Continue Reading

Scotland prepares for compensation culture

The Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Bill is currently before the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee. The Bill proposes significant changes to the way that personal injury and other litigation is funded and managed in Scotland, with the aim of increasing access to justice, providing equality of arms between claimant and defender in litigation…Continue Reading

The modern era of Judge-led Reform

Most barristers with a passing interest in court reform will have been aware in recent years of a clutch of reform initiatives led by senior judges, which concern the administration of justice. In the last five years for example we have had the benefit of Mr Justice Ryder’s[1] ‘Judicial Proposals for the Modernisation of Family Justice’ (2012);…Continue Reading

How document collaboration could enhance your Chambers

In an evolving and competitive market, forward thinking sets of Chambers are continually looking for ways to become more efficient and effective with a focus on retaining their clients and winning new business. As we all know the legal industry has a large reliance on documentation, traditionally in paper form. There is a shift in…Continue Reading

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